CompanyThe story of an enterprise is the story of a successful idea and of the people who carried it out.

Sunbreak, Sun screening products

The roots of Sunbreak story date back to the Sixties, when the Borsato family started to operate in the field of sun screening products. Cooperation with the best european partners, constant focussing on details as well as innovation led them to increase their expertise in sun protection devices and to become well acquainted with the technical, legal and application development in this field. The project finally took shape in 1997, when Bruno Borsato - supported by his great experience - dicided to undertake an innovatory and ambitious task: combining functionality, aesthetical research, care for architectural design, living comfort and respect for the environment. Sunbreak was set up with the mission not only of manufacturing sun screens, but also of designing and producing integrated systems to capture light and energy from the sun and to control their intensity, in harmony with nature.

Sunbreak, light on innovation

Thanks to their efficient company organization and commercial network, Sumbreak are in a position to be a competent and professional partner for their customers, for the most complex architectural designs. During the design phase, the Sunbreak technical department can quickly meet any of the customers' requirements, from design documentation to technical advice on materials and surfaces, also including site inspections as well as online and telephone assistance. The after-sales service can also meet any ordinary maintenance requirements of the manufactured systems. Sunbreak is provided with ISO 900:2008 and SOA 0S6 III certification and is the best partner when it comes to finding out new and creative solutions to meet the most different requirements in sun screening.